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Turning a Vision

into Reality

Rick Olson is the owner of Whimsy.  He purchased the property in 2003 with the knowledge that it was something special.  The land spoke to him, and he knew that one day, it would be something great.  The house on the property was designed and built by Rick in 2006. 

His vision has now become a reality that he would like to share with you.

Rick Olson

Making Dreams

Come True

Mary Kate Bryan is the co-founder and one of the creative directors of Whimsy Johns Creek.  With a degree in event management and several years of event management experience, she is able to take just about any event vision and make it become a reality.  

Mary Kate Bryan
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Creating Perfection in Every Detail

Theresa Snyder
Creative Director

Creating Beauty in

Every Space

Andy Bryan is the grounds manager and "keeper of the keys."  He handles all of the maintenance and beautification of the property.

Andy Bryan
Grounds Manager
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